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The AMBITIONED team is made up of skilled professionals dedicated to delivering innovative software solutions. Our supportive and collaborative environment encourages growth and learning, enabling us to bring the best out of each other as we work towards our shared vision.

World-class talent for your local and international success

We aim to attract the top 10% of local IT talent. As a result, the AMBITIONED team is packed full of experts in various technologies. And all of them are truly passionate about overcoming programming challenges. They carefully plan each step of the development process but are always ready to think on their feet and creatively solve problems. Their openness to feedback, effective collaboration, and ability to see the bigger picture ensure you get exactly the outcome you’re looking for – top-notch custom software, a temporary IT super team, or a single short-term hire to elevate your project.

Thanks to this well-rounded crew, our partners found the tools and backup needed to dominate their niches:


We owe a lot of our success to this super-organised, laser-focused bunch. They stay on top of everything, tackling unexpected problems and making sure your project keeps going on schedule and within budget.

Ivo Kenov

Founder & CEO

Mila Madzharova

Director of delivery

Doncho Minkov

Director of engineering

Veronika Chalakova

Director of engineering

Mihaela Dimova

Director of business development

Software engineering

Our tech wizards are here to overcome any product development roadblocks. They quickly adapt to new challenges, think critically, and find creative solutions that work for the project and your company’s goals.

Georgi Georgiev

Tech lead

Miroslav Georgiev

QA lead

Mihail Petrov

Software engineer

Simona Simeonova

Software engineer

Vasil Kotsev

Tech lead

Dilyana Nikolaeva

QA engineer

Ivaylo Nikolov

Software engineer

Bilyana Borislavova

Front-end developer

Petar Neshkov

Software engineer

Mihail Tsatsarov

Software engineer

Yoana Markovska

Software engineer

Georgi Petrov

Software engineer


Our company wouldn’t function properly without these people. They find the best new additions to our line-up and support all our activities with meticulous attention to detail, reliable precision, and impressive multitasking.

Yuliyana Tahova

HR team lead

Nikolay Kyosev

Accounting & Operations manager

Nikoleta Vladimirova

Recruitment manager


AMBITIONED is the brainchild and realised dream of these impressive professionals. Their passion, industry insights, and dedication push us to follow our mission, constantly improve,  and aim for the stars.

Hristo Tenchev


Ivan Nenkov


Svetlin Nakov


Ivo Kenov

Founder & CEO

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