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We empower your company’s growth with custom high-quality digital products. They are specifically tailored to overcome industry challenges and align with your business strategy.

Digital transformation

We create tech that helps businesses adapt, transform, and thrive in the digital age, like custom software, cloud-native applications, data warehouses, analytics tools, and more.

We build custom solutions that let you eliminate repetitive manual tasks, minimise human error, reduce costs, improve efficiency and productivity, ease scaling up, and more.

We plan, design, develop, and maintain your MVPs, MLPs, SaaS, web, mobile, and desktop apps and advise on the tech stack and core features you need to dominate your niche.

We boost your in-house crew with a single fill-in software engineer or managed teams so you can carry out essential projects, meet your deadlines, or close a skill gap.

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Let's make an ambitious start

Partner with AMBITIONED experts to plan, design, develop, and maintain your custom software.

Technology backed by Microsoft

Adding value from day one

We boost your development process, improve productivity, and deliver efficient software solutions by using the Microsoft ecosystem features, support, and integration

A modern solution to scaling

We ensure your company’s expansion and success with cloud computing, databases, virtual machines, AI and machine learning tools, serverless computing, content delivery networks, and more.

C# & .Net Core

SQL Server

Entity Framework


Our core line-up has been working together for over a decade on various international projects. Additionally, we attract the top 10% of the local talent. This helps us be experts in C#, .NET, React, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, AWS, Python, Go, PHP, cloud computing, and more.

Еach AMBITIONED project manager, QA specialist, and software engineer has a unique blend of knowledge, experience, and soft skills contributing to our success and yours. Meet your team here.

Projects we just finished

E-learning platform

Svetlin Nakov, SoftUni's Co-Founder and Innovation and Inspiration Manager, and students during a programming lecture at the Software University.

SoftUni’s international success story

HR pre-screening tool

Person working on a task in the Judge system as part of a technical job interview.

A technical interview game-changer

Self-paced e-learning platform


Education made flexible

Got a project in mind?

We will help you get it off the ground and over the finish line.