Hi there! We’re AMBITIONED.

AMBITION and EDucation — that’s what we stand for and so does our name. It combines our drive to excel with the commitment to pick up new skills and pass them on to others. We strive to always get better, both as a team and as individuals — one project, one task, one line of code at a time.

About Us

We strive For Perfection

Our mission is to create future-proof IT products by redefining software engineering principles.


Our vision is to become the world’s most efficient software company by delivering quality results and mentoring software engineers.


Our approach:

Leveraging AI-driven management for cutting-edge processes

Ensuring top-quality standards throughout product delivery

Striving for maximum efficiency across all roles and functions

AMBITIONED team discussing a project during a weekly meeting.
Core Principles

The things we value

Strong relationships

The people we work with matter. That’s why we create long-lasting connections with everyone, from customers to colleagues.

Friendly Culture

We operate on open communication, mutual respect, and full transparency. And a lot of fun.

Engineering precision

We build IT products like you’d build a premium sports car — with solid foundations and an experienced crew following a well-thought-out design.

Rooted in Education

We transform the digital engineering future

AMBITIONED is founded by SoftUni, one of Eastern Europe’s largest and most reputable educational institutions. Over the past decade, SoftUni has provided training and career support in software engineering, digital marketing, and design. Rapidly emerging as a market leader, SoftUni has cultivated a network of over 300,000 students. Moreover, SoftUni takes pride in its graduates’ outstanding success rate, with 97% of them launching careers in the software industry!

Strategic Alliance For Youth Talent Development
SoftUni and Ambitioned work jointly with the purpose to develop the skills of young talents, organizing variety of free coding boot camps and trainings. Having access to SoftUni’s student network, Ambitioned gives career opportunities to the top young talents.

Fostering Youth Talent Through Strategic Collaboration​


SoftUni and AMBITIONED join forces to nurture the abilities of young talent by organizing a diverse range of free coding boot camps and training sessions. By tapping into SoftUni’s extensive student network, AMBITIONED offers promising career opportunities to top-performing young talents.