The journey begins with a strong foundation.

AMBITIONED's initial software projects highlight our dedication to quality and proficiency in the .NET development world. This strong foundation sets the stage for an expanding portfolio that will feature innovative solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Learning has never been a straightforward, linear process. It’s not something you just start and finish. It’s always been a continuous journey, one that learners should take on their own terms, baby steps or huge leaps.

Taking education at your own pace is not new to the education industry – the creators of nearly every digital educational platform know that flexible learning means higher engagement with education. Our client knew that, too. So, we added a sparkle of intelligent automation and data-driven learning strategies to make their vision come to life.

Open laptop showing Interactive’s My Classroom home page.

My classroom home page.

Education, but made flexible

Open laptop showing a learning presentation in the Interactive self-paced learning platform.

Interactive classroom with video lessons and presentations.

Interactive is а fully automated self-paced learning platform that allows students to set their educational journey according to their innate pace and preferences. It’s a subscription-based platform that provides students with access to educational resources and programming courses.

Built from scratch, Interactive recognises that every learner has their own rhythm to grasp concepts and digest information. With the flexibility to choose from an eclectic selection of topics, students can curate their own curriculum and learning experience that resonates with their interests.

How we approached the solution

Our client needed an e-platform that transformed learning into a self-paced, transparent experience. Here are the features we created to achieve that:

Built-in code executors and interpreters

To allow learners to practice coding within the platform itself, providing instant feedback and fostering a hands-on learning approach.

Learning content and videos

To cater to different learning styles and preferences, allowing students to grasp concepts thoroughly before moving forward.

Subscription basis

To enable learners to synchronise what they’ve learned so far with new curiosities.

Interactive environment

Where learners are free to rewind, pause, or accelerate their learning journey at any juncture.

State-of-the-art architecture

Interactive is built on .NET Core and React and consists of 15+ microservices, ensuring a robust and reliable platform.

Technologies we used

.Net core 2.2




SQL Server

Docker & docker-compose


Linux server



Cell phone showing a course introduction page on the Interactive self-paced learning platform.

Course introduction page.

The results

Hundreds of engaged learners

31M+ successful learning interactions

The platform that allowed students to take studying at their own pace

Open laptop showing homework assignments in the Interactive self-paced learning platform.

Homework assignments.

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