The journey begins with a strong foundation.

AMBITIONED's initial software projects highlight our dedication to quality and proficiency in the .NET development world. This strong foundation sets the stage for an expanding portfolio that will feature innovative solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Finding the right job candidate isn’t a challenge – it’s an art in itself. Especially in today’s fiercely competitive market: candidates are smarter, more competent, and more efficient than ever before, while companies are in an ongoing battle to attract the perfect skill set.

In this landscape, we were entrusted to develop a modern-day recruitment solution that enhances the quality of new hires with intelligent automation and data-driven decision-making.

The challenge

Create a tool that can:

Identify top candidates

Ensure a transparent screening process

Deliver test results fast

Provide accurate testing

Evaluate candidates without the need for a technical expert

A junior software engineer solving technical tasks during a job interview.

Judge, the fully automated HR pre-screening tool

Designed to streamline the HR selection process, the Judge system is the solution to identifying top candidates with laser-like precision. With its ability to fully automate HR cycles, Judge is created to help our client reach the full potential of their talent acquisition strategy.

Person working on a task in the Judge system as part of a technical job interview.

How we approached the solution

Our client needed a tool to bring all talent acquisition processes together in one place. Here are the features we created to achieve that:

Automated evaluation

Judge automatically assesses instantly how correct the candidates’ submissions are, providing objective feedback on their skills without a technical expert.

Technology-specific tasks

HR professionals can design or select tests in multiple programming languages to check the applicants’ theoretical knowledge and analytical thinking in a real environment.

Efficient screening process

Judge allows HR professionals to handle large volumes of candidates simultaneously and quickly identify top talent.

Built-in anti-cheat system

Judge monitors the submissions for plagiarism. This ensures the tests are fair and secure and candidates present their original answers to the tasks.

Detailed checks

Thorough quality tests of the submitted code help recruiters ensure that the job candidate has the skills for the job they are applying for.

Personalised touch

Assignments can be customised for each candidate. If they lack the needed experience, the system will assess their potential to grow instead.

We wanted to go a step further and built Judge to test the exams themselves. The possibilities were endless, and the results were game-changing.

Mila Madzharova, AMBITIONED’s Quality Assurance expert

AMBITIONED software engineers brainstorming, looking at code on a laptop, and taking handwritten notes.

Technologies we used

We considered a lot of factors, including the client’s existing infrastructure and business requirements. At the end, we created Judge with:

.Net Framework 4.7




SQL Server

Windows Server


The real quality test

Since launching Judge, our client has had:

0 M+
Skill evaluation test done
0 +
Submissions per minute

The future of Judge

Judge develops constantly.

Mila Madzharova, AMBITIONED’s Quality Assurance expert

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