The journey begins with a strong foundation.

AMBITIONED's initial software projects highlight our dedication to quality and proficiency in the .NET development world. This strong foundation sets the stage for an expanding portfolio that will feature innovative solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

The client

As the demand for skilled developers continues to rise, they sought to create a comprehensive learning experience that combines expert-led instruction with interactivity. And here’s where AMBITIONED jumped in — our software development team was tasked with building a custom-made e-learning portal to support SoftUni’s unique needs.

Open laptop showing a Software university course introduction page.

A course introduction page.

Open laptop showing a SoftUni Digital course curriculum page.

Course curriculum page with uploaded videos and additional materials. 

The challenge

Open laptop showing the home page for a logged-in SoftUni Creative user.

Student home page with active courses, class schedule, last uploaded resources, and more.

How AMBITIONED approached the solution

After a deep dive into their unique needs, our team joined forces to develop SoftUni’s custom e-learning portal. Here’s what our solution included:

Personalised learning paths

We implemented an intelligent recommendation system that suggests courses and tracks based on students’ preferences, skill levels, and learning goals.

High-performance architecture

We wanted to create a platform that is easy to develop, maintain and scale. To achieve that, we designed a modular architecture to support the growing number of students while supporting optimal platform performance. 

Engaging learning experience

We incorporated a variety of interactive content types, including code editors for hands-on exercises, automated exams for knowledge assessment, and an in-house live event streaming feature.

Seamless integrations

Smooth connection with third-party services was critical, so we made sure that payment processing and video streaming are part of SoftUni’s deeply integrated portal. 

The results

Our software development team collaborated with SoftUni to create a powerful e-learning portal that exceeded expectations. Here’s what the key outcomes were:

Business growth

A scalable architecture that enabled SoftUni to increase in users and course offerings without compromising the platform performance.

Interactive content

A variety of online learning materials and personalised learning paths to increase student satisfaction and course compensation rates.

Multiple automations

Seamless integration with third-party services to simplify administrative tasks, making it easier for SoftUni to deliver high-quality educational content.

Cutting-edge LMS

A digital portal to position SoftUni as a leader in the e-learning industry and help it attract students from multiple countries.

A collage of Software university students and lecturers during programming classes.

The features SoftUni loved the most

AMBITIONED logo symbol

In-house live event streaming

AMBITIONED logo symbol

Automated exam evaluation

AMBITIONED logo symbol

Complete process integration

AMBITIONED logo symbol

Detailed business analytics

SoftUni + AMBITIONED = a scalable e-learning solution to engage over 400K+ students

We leveraged .NET and React technologies to build a custom solution. But what really helped us design the e-learning portal that SoftUni loved was our commitment to understanding what the client truly needed; Not just another platform with predefined sections, but a knowledge hub to engage students and a unified place for lecturers to manage course content and student data efficiently, all wrapped up in a seamless experience.

This formula worked so well that it contributed significantly to SoftUni’s rapid expansion. Today, the company offers courses in four main disciplines – Programming, Digital marketing, Graphic design, and Finance – each on its own e-learning platform that we’ve customised, built, and continue to maintain.

Cell phone showing a course introduction page on Finance Academy's website.

Course summary page on mobile.

Additionally, SoftUni has an ever-growing network of international franchise partners that use the same systems and features we designed to conduct in-person and online courses on two continents.

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