Meet our talented team.

The AMBITIONED team is made up of skilled professionals dedicated to delivering innovative software solutions. Our supportive and collaborative environment encourages growth and learning, enabling us to bring the best out of each other as we work towards our shared vision.


Ivaylo Kenov, Founder and CEO

Mila Madzharova, Director of delivery

Doncho Minkov, Director of engineering

Veronika Chalakova, Director of engineering


Simona Simeonova, Software engineer

Vasil Kotsev, Software engineer

Mihail Petrov, Software engineer

Dilyana Nikolaeva, QA engineer

Petar Neshkov, Software engineer

Miroslav Georgiev, QA specialist

Radoslav Banishki, Software engineer

Ivaylo Nikolov, Software engineer

marketing & Business Development

Elena Nikolova, Marketing specialist

Mihaela Dimova, Business development manager

Sibel Sadula-Myumyun, Business developer

Yulia Vushkova, Marketing specialist


Nikoleta Vladimirova, Recruitment maganer

Yuliyana Tahova, HR manager

Nikolay Kyosev, Accounting and Operations manager


Hristo Tenchev, Founder

Ivan Nenkov, Founder

Svetlin Nakov, Founder

Ivaylo Kenov, Founder & CEO