The journey begins with a strong foundation.

AMBITIONED's initial software projects highlight our dedication to quality and proficiency in the software development world. This strong foundation sets the stage for an expanding portfolio that will feature innovative solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

How We Work

AMBITIONED for your success

We help businesses transform with powerful and adaptable digital solutions meeting today’s needs and unlocking future opportunities.


Discovery & strategy

We start each digital transformation by defining budgets, scopes, and deadlines.

UI & UX design

We believe every feature should have a clear purpose and be inherently intuitive to use.



System architecture & DevOps

We solve business growth challenges by building foundational architecture.

Engineering & development

We deploy on highly organized agile sprints – with detailed performance metrics and reviews.



Quality assurance

We follow the highest standards in automation testing to triple-check our work.

Growth & support

After we finish the project, we maintain and support all critical systems around the clock.


Building a scalable and engaging E-Learning platform: The SoftUni success story

A collage of Software university students and lecturers during programming classes.
Students following along with a programming lecture at the Software University.

The challenge

A lecturer and students during a programming class at the Software University.

How AMBITIONED approached the solution

After a deep dive into their unique needs, our team joined forces to develop SoftUni’s custom e-learning portal. Here’s what our solution included:

Personalised learning paths

We implemented an intelligent recommendation system that suggests courses and tracks based on students’ preferences, skill levels, and learning goals.

High-performance architecture

We wanted to create a platform that is easy to develop, maintain and scale. To achieve that, we designed a modular architecture to support the growing number of students while supporting optimal platform performance. 

Engaging learning experience

We incorporated a variety of interactive content types, including code editors for hands-on exercises, automated exams for knowledge assessment, and an in-house live event streaming feature.

Seamless integrations

Smooth connection with third-party services was critical, so we made sure that payment processing and video streaming are part of SoftUni’s deeply integrated portal. 

SoftUni in Numbers

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Video Lessons
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Our software development team collaborated with SoftUni to create a powerful e-learning portal that exceeded expectations. Here’s what the key outcomes were:

Business Growth

A scalable architecture that enabled SoftUni to increase in users and course offering without compromising the platform performance.

Interactive Content

A variety of online learning materials and personalised learning paths to increase student satisfaction and course compensation rates.

Multiple Automations

Seamless integration with third-party services to simplify administrative tasks, making it easier for SoftUni to deliver high-quality educational content

Cutting-Edge LMS

A digital portal to position SoftUni as a leader in the e-learning industry and help them attract students from multiple countries.

Software University students during a programming lab session.

The features SoftUni loved the most

In-house live event streaming

Automated exam evaluation

Complete process integration

Detailed Business analytics

SoftUni + AMBITIONED = A scalable e-learning solution to engage over 300 000 students

Svetlin Nakov, SoftUni's Co-Founder and Innovation and Inspiration Manager, at a programming lecture at the Software University.