Reframing frameworks

AMBITIONED for your success

We redefine industry best practices to deliver the innovative solutions and high-value IT services you need. Our established work processes and reliable methodology for planning, designing, developing, and maintaining custom software help you meet your goals, maximise profit, and grow sustainably. At the same time, we constantly try on innovations and implement technological advancements to increase our efficiency and yours.

Our structured workflow blends easily with your operation and existing tools saving you time and money.
We test AI applications for automating repetitive tasks, analysing large amounts of user data, and making better-informed decisions.
We execute and support your projects remotely, so you are free to operate from anywhere in the world.
We use professional English to communicate and write comprehensive, up-to-date software documentation.
You can choose the level of management oversight and responsibility you have over the project.

Our workflow

We know firsthand that structured processes, good onboarding, and crystal-clear documentation help you stay on budget, avoid delays due to organisational issues, and stabilise software development. Our project management makes key processes effortless – like scaling a team up and down, progress tracking, task coordination, communication with clients, and more.

Each step of our roadmap for crafting your custom software is designed to maximise resources, boost productivity, and improve quality.


Discovery & strategy

We start each digital transformation by defining budgets, scopes, and deadlines.

UI & UX design

We believe every feature should have a clear purpose and be inherently intuitive to use.



System architecture & DevOps

We solve business growth challenges by building foundational architecture.

Engineering & development

We deploy on highly organized agile sprints – with detailed performance metrics and reviews.



Quality assurance

We follow the highest standards in automation testing to triple-check our work.

Growth & support

After we finish the project, we maintain and support all critical systems around the clock.


No two projects alike

Experience has thought us that each company has unique challenges, needs, and business goals. So we tailor our approach to your customer insights, industry specifics, and technology requirements. Our streamlined road map for all production stages adapts to better use your resources and resolve planned and unexpected challenges.

Technologies we specialise in

Work we're proud of

E-learning platform

Svetlin Nakov, SoftUni's Co-Founder and Innovation and Inspiration Manager, and students during a programming lecture at the Software University.

SoftUni’s international success story

HR pre-screening tool

Person working on a task in the Judge system as part of a technical job interview.

A technical interview game-changer

Self-paced e-learning platform


Education made flexible

An ambitious start of your own

Trust us with planning, designing, developing, and maintaining your custom software.

What happens next

There are steps we must go through before starting work on your project. They help us set clear and achievable goals and optimise our resources and yours:

Discovery call

Remotely or in person, this conversation sets the stage. We go over your ideas, budget, timeline, the type of help you need, and any technical or business restrictions you have. If we like each other, we sign an NDA for your protection.

Second meeting

One of AMBITIONED’s project managers guides you through all technical aspects, minimum viable features, team size, and how to optimise your budget. This meeting helps us estimate costs and risks and align expectations.

Our offer

It breaks down in detail the project plan, scope, timetable and milestones, technical specifications, costs, and reporting. We’ll update the terms each time you add a new feature or scale up or down your temporary team.

Project start

We begin with discovery and strategy – for your goals, objectives, key features, project complexity, and any external factors that may impact our work. This helps us find the logical task order, assign resources, and make a realistic schedule.

Sounds good?

Then make the first step on your journey to success.